Nucleoside & Nucleotide

Nucleoside & Nucleotide

ULCHO is one of main suppliers globally for nucleotides and their analogues. We have more than 300 of natural and modified nucleotides available in stock.

We can do

  • Natural nucleotides and modified analogues, such as non-hydrolyzable derivatives, nucleotides containing fluorescent groups or halogen atoms and much more.
  • Libraries of Nucleotide analogues for drug screening and nucleotide kits for a plethora of applications
  • Modified nucleoside analogs (i.e. nucleobase linked to a sugar moiety but lacking the phosphate groups)
  • Phosphoramidites used to synthesize oligonucleotides by automated standard protocols

In addition, with our pre-made building blocks and in-house expertise we manufacture even the most exotic nucleotide analogue from the mg to kg scale in a Custom Synthesis.